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Talent Development Program (IMCITDP)
Driven by the establishment of Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios (PIMS), and based on the estimates of incoming foreign productions - the “Iskandar Malaysia Creative Industry Talent Development Program (IMCITDP)” a joint-collaboration between IRDA and PIMS was created. Designed to strengthen the film crew base in Malaysia, various courses covering ‘Above the Line’ (Cinematic) as well as ‘Below the Line’ (Organizational and Technical) skill-sets were executed via a multi-faceted approach to training with the aim to train approximately 900 people by the end of the Program. Having rolled-out in early 2013, the program was meant to train, re-skill and also up-skill Malaysian film crews to seamlessly integrate with large-scale International Film Productions.

The 1st Batch of seven (7) 10-week intensive courses involved facilitation from the Department of Skills Development (JPK), of which seven (7) new National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) modules were developed in accordance to the International Film/TV industry standards and requirements, namely - Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe, Set Construction, Grip, Electric and Production Accounting.

The 2nd Batch encompassing 25 courses, was carried out in collaboration with the Met Film School from United Kingdom. This batch covered a wide range of film-making skill-sets including Production Management, Casting, Location Management, various Multi-Camera and Arts Department courses, Storyboarding and Script Supervision, among others.

Ten (10) Master-classes were offered to Malaysian film-makers in Cinematic areas, covering Script Labs, Storytelling and Adaptations, Global Producing, Cinematography and Film Financing among others. Conducted by notable Award-winning practitioners of the International film-making community, these Master-classes were attended by renowned industry players.

Three (3) ‘Production Assistant Seminars’ were also conducted, giving practicing Production Assistants and interested newcomers a chance to learn and truly understand the basic fundamentals of International film-making with proper exposure and guidance.

The 3rd Batch of the Program - the last under the IMCITDP banner (of this Phase) was carried out in collaboration with Imagica International Asia (IIA). This Batch encompassed four (4) Post-Production courses of 8 weeks, which was followed by a 4-week Leadership course for the top 10 students. The trainees were trained and up-skilled in Compositing, Editing, Sound Editing & Mixing, Archiving, Restoration & Digital Distribution courses. These courses were conducted at Imagica South East Asia (ISEA) post-production facility located in PIMS.

Having been taught by highly qualified foreign experts in their fields, the courses offered under the IMCITDP banner have allowed trainees to learn from the best - gaining valuable practical knowledge of international best practices in key areas of film-making from pre-to-post production.

Out of the trainees that took up the full courses, 45% have obtained employment on local and International productions and/or with local and International SMEs involved in the Film/Creative Industry. Netflix’s big-budget TV Series: Marco Polo (Season 1 & 2), FremantleMedia’s Reality Television program; Asia’s Got Talent (Season 1) and UK’s Channel 4: Indian Summers (Season 1 & 2), were among the productions they were involved in.

For those interested in film-making, the IMCITDP offers a great stepping stone to a career in the International Film & TV industry!
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